Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Your use of academic consulting and editing services offered by LondonerEssay.co.uk depends on your absolute agreement of our terms and conditions. However, if for some reason you do not agree with any of our following statements, kindly do not use services offered by LondonerEssay.co.uk.

By agreeing with our terms and conditions we assume that you are of legal age to proceed to use our services.

Once your payment has been made of your desired consulting or editing order you acknowledge complete understanding of our terms and conditions you are legally bound by the contract between you and LondonerEssay.co.uk.

LondonerEssay.co.uk Services

Once you submit the order you are purchasing academic consulting or editing services for your personal use only. A non-refundable deposit per order will be required to secure the guaranteed professional delivery times. All the consulting and editing you purchase are offered by professionals who transfer the ownership of services and works to LondonerEssay.co.uk. All the services and works are non-refundable and hold no warranties except our promotion offers.

An administration charge of £20 per order is required to recover the cost of providing our services, which will be automatically added to the outstanding balance of each order.

LondonerEssay.co.uk Promotion Offers

  • For Good Pass Standard orders, by providing original photocopied feedback and transcript, the sum of fee differences with Pass Standard is refundable.
  • For Distinction Standard orders, by providing original photocopied feedback and transcript, the sum of fee differences with Pass Standard or Good Pass Standard is refundable.

LondonerEssay.co.uk Changes of Original Requirement

A fee of £95 will be incurred for any major changes to original requirements made by you after your order has been placed into operation.

LondonerEssay.co.uk Cancellation

Any cancellation request made by you since your order has been placed into operation, certain deposits and prepayments already made are non-refundable.

LondonerEssay.co.uk Final Balance

The final balance due on any order arrangements must be received no later than 31 days after the delivery notification. Should the final balance not be received by the specified time, all copyrights held will be automatically withdrawn, consulting or editing works may be published for other purposes.

LondonerEssay.co.uk Warranty

Unless you have made an agreement with your consultant in writing (email), by default all consulting and editing orders come with a 10 days FREE revision service period. You will receive 10 days’ free service when you first receive your work, after which your revision request will be automatically opted into the following bands:

20 Days(+9.5% Charge)
1 Month(+19.5% Charge)
3 Months(+29.5% Charge)
6 Months(+39.5% Charge)

If your service terms has expired and still need help you will receive a quote for the revision by email.

LondonerEssay.co.uk Refund Policy

Our refund policy refers to credit move. The delivered orders are non-refundable once completed unless the order has not been delivered within the specified time limit or meet our promotion offers.

LondonerEssay.co.uk Copyrights

All the consulting and editing are provided 100% original and authentic. You may use the delivered services and works for your personal and non-commercial purposes only. LondonerEssay.co.uk does not supply the copyright for any services and works that it commissions for its customers.

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